BillyB: Filming the Carers Walk for Wellbeing

Bill generously offered to join our walk to Santiago to film the carers on a koha basis. 

Bill has had his own caring experiences, and wanted to become involved in the project after filming Ian and Julie Hansen and their son James for our promotional video.

We wondered how Bill would find skateboarding in Porto, with its steep, narrow streets and spine-juddering cobblestones.

Nor could we see his skateboard in his sparse luggage, until his Number Eight Wire solution was exposed: he had bungy corded the board to the bottom of his suitcase.

He can roll it along at airports and in hotel corridors and then, presto chango, remove it to have a skate as opportunities arise.

As fortune would have it, the Moov Centro hotel where our group is staying on this last night before we start our walk has a massive forecourt where, you guessed it, locals like to skateboard. 

Click here to see some of Bill's film work. 

Bill will be capturing footage of the carers as they walk to Santiago for a documentary about the journey, which we'll share in the months ahead to raise awareness of family carers.

Not everyone would push aside life and work commitments to travel across the world and walk hundreds of kilometres on a wing and a prayer. 

And a skateboard. 

Thanks Bill!