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New Services for Carers

Family carers can now access free nationwide learning, and find relief carers more easily!

Carers NZ Welcomes New Report Re Costs of Caring

Carers New Zealand has welcomed a comprehensive report that analyses the social costs and economic impact of caring in New Zealand. 

The Infometrics report, prepared by the economist and former Treasury official David Grimmond, will be among the workplace-related subjects to be discussed with employers at workshops to be held next month in Auckland and Christchurch.

Give Carers A Break This Summer

MEDIA RELEASE        22 December, 2014

Health service claims of ‘granny dumping’ over the summer holidays are often made at this time of year, but the national charity which supports New Zealand’s 430,000+ family carers says the issue reflects the country’s fragmented respite system. 

“For every case of so-called granny dumping there are thousands of Kiwis providing 24/7 care for someone who is frail or has high support needs, and they need a break just like everyone else over the holidays,” says chief executive Laurie Hilsgen. 

Too Good To Be True?

Media Release

Not for profits welcome decision to pay family carers

May 2013

The Government's decision to allocate $23 million a year to family carers of adult children with disability needs seems positive, but it does not bear scrutiny, says the New Zealand Carers Alliance.

The Alliance, a coalition of 45 national non-profit organisations, says the Government's move will help a limited number of families.

Carers Angry After Minimum Wage Decision

Media Release

June 2013

The Government's decision in the May 2013 Budget to provide only minimum wage payments to families supporting high needs disabled adult children has stunned the carer community.

"It sends the message that family carers aren't valued as much as other caregivers, when they know that the quality of support they provide is as good as, and often better than, what could otherwise be on offer," says Roger Palairet, chair of Carers NZ and Secretariat of the NZ Carers Alliance of 45 national not for profits.

Flawed, Unfair Family Care Payment


The Chairman of the NZ Carers Alliance, John Forman, said it will do nothing other than pit disabled people against their closest loved ones, by introducing an employer dimension into family relationships.

September 2013 

Fairness At Last for Carers?


21 September, 2012

Fairness at last for family carers?
Government opens consultation about paying carers

Carers NZ and the Carers Alliance of more than 40 national not for profits have welcomed the Government's launch of a consultation asking family carers, disabled people, and society whether and how to pay those who provide care at home. But they are concerned that the consultation document sends the wrong messages.

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