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Caring about each other

I love how life surprises me. 

I was running late for an appointment with my doctor, and as I rushed into the foyer I got behind an elderly woman who was speaking to the receptionist. From behind, I could see her shoulders sagging; I could feel her fatigue, her frustration. Next to her was a frail and motionless young man in a wheelchair.  

Money talks, and so it should

By Laurie Hilsgen

Back in the mid 1990s the boss of a major international cosmetics company fired one of his senior managers who was juggling work with caring for his wife, who had developed Alzheimer's.

The man was doing his job well but he wasn't as 'available' as the Big Boss wanted.

The man who was caring could no longer attend early morning breakfast meetings, and needed to leave work at a sensible hour to be with his frail wife.


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