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The value of kindness

Welcome to 2017! There’s something really nice about celebrating one year and starting fresh on the next. Even though there is only one day between last year and this year, suddenly the world seems to open up with endless possibilities.

Lights along the way

The Carers Walk for Wellbeing is following the ancient Camino Portugues, 240 kilometres from Porto, Portugal to Finisterre in Spain. We pass many churches and cathedrals which provide shelter, and sometimes an opportunity to light a candle ... make a wish, say a prayer.

Reflections en route to Porrino

Walking the camino is a lot like the journey of caring.

Cool heads

As the rain falls we continue walking ... to the end of the world, for carers.

Country roads and custard tarts

From Porto to Arcos to the beautiful Barcelos, Kiwi carers are ambling their way to Santiago.

BillyB: Filming the Carers Walk for Wellbeing

Aucklander Bill Bycroft has made it to Porto with his camera gear and his skateboard!

On we go, to the end of the world

Just one more sleep until our group of Kiwi carers begins the walk to Finisterre, once known as the end of the world.

Carers Walk for Wellbeing: memories on the way

A first and only visit to Singapore resulted in her partner's life-threatening hospitalisation during their 'trip of a lifetime'. En route to the Carers Walk for Wellbeing in Portugal and Spain, Laurie stopped off in Singapore. To complete some unfinished business.

Walk for Wellbeing, 2-16 May 2016: Meet the carers!

Like so many New Zealanders, Ruth has cared for more than one family member at the same time. The idea of walking 240 kilometres as part of Carers NZ's Walk for Wellbeing "resonated with something deep inside me although, if asked for a reason for going, I am as yet unable to put a name to it. Perhaps new possibilities, and a new dimension beyond immediate vision. Time will tell."

Walk for Wellbeing, 2-16 May 2016: Meet the carers!

Jan is one of many Kiwi carers whose family member has passed away. Like them, Jan is rebuilding her life after her Mum's death and Carers NZ's Walk for Wellbeing, from Porto in Portugal to Santiago, Spain and on to Cape Finisterre, "the End of the World", has come at a perfect time.

Walk for Wellbeing, 2-16 May 2016: Meet the carers!

Ian's wife Julie put his name forward to journey with other Kiwi carers to Finisterre in Spain for Carers NZ's Walk for Wellbeing. The Auckland couple support their son James, and generally have holidays apart. Although Ian's job as an international flight attendant takes him around the world, he hasn't been away from James for this long before. Ian is part of a small team of carers making the 240 kilometre journey for personal wellbeing, and to remind all carers back home to find a bit of time for themselves each day.

Walk for Wellbeing, 2-16 May 2016: Meet the carers!

Vivienne, from Dunedin, has cared for loved ones for many years. In May, a dream she and her husband Koni once looked forward to will be fulfilled when she walks the 240 kilometre Camino Portugues with other Kiwi carers.

Walk for Wellbeing, 2-16 May 2016: Meet the carers!

Marilyn lives in Auckland and supports her daughter, who is 27 and has Down Syndrome. A keen walker, Marilyn likes to 'feel the fear' and try new things.

Walk for Wellbeing, 2 - 16 May 2016: Learn about our campaign for carers!

Watch our video about Kiwi carers who will walk 240 kilometres to remind other carers that to last the distance, they have to take time out for themselves each day.

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