Walk for Wellbeing, 2-16 May 2016: Meet the carers!

The Carers NZ Walk for Wellbeing: Porto in Portugal to Santiago, Spain, then on to Cape Finisterre ... The End of the World

Join our group of family carers for 30 minutes of time out each day from 2 - 16 May!


Hi, I'm Marilyn.

I live in Auckland with my daughter Anne­Marie, who is 27 and has Down Syndrome. I found the early days of Anne­Marie's childhood the hardest. It was emotionally draining at times and you do grieve as a parent about the things your child might not experience. But that's all in the past! These days Anne­Marie and I go swimming a lot, which we both enjoy, and love to go shopping together. We have great fun.

What have we learned? That life is a journey, and this Walk for Wellbeing for family carers is a new kind of journey.

I like the saying "feel the fear and do it anyway!"

I've walked the Milford Track amongst others, and am looking forward to this walking adventure to meet new people, challenge myself, and feel the fear.

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