Walk for Wellbeing, 2-16 May 2016: Meet the carers!

The Carers NZ Walk for Wellbeing: Porto in Portugal to Santiago, Spain, then on to Cape Finisterre ... The End of the World

Join our group of family carers for 30 minutes of time out each day from 2 - 16 May!


My name is Ruth, and I live in Rotorua. 

I joined Carers NZ in 2009 when I was caring for my mother as well as a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I felt overwhelmed with trying to work, manage a family, and travel out of town on weekends to support my mother.

I felt isolated and alone. I wanted to know that someone out there understood how stressful and demanding the balancing act was and how sometimes the burden felt just too much.

The articles and letters in Carer NZ’s magazine, Family Care, were so helpful. I felt connected with so many other people having the same struggles. It was a wonderful support.

Mum has passed away now, but although I continue to be a carer, somehow things don’t seem quite as overwhelming.

Thank you to all the other carers out there for the work you do. You are acknowledged and appreciated.

I am going to be part of Carers NZ’s Walk for Wellbeing in May.

After watching a couple of documentaries about such pilgrimages, I became captivated with the idea of making such a journey.

The idea resonated with something deep inside me although, if asked for a reason for going, I am as yet unable to put a name to it.

Perhaps new possibilities, and a new dimension beyond immediate vision.

Time will tell. 

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