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Dying: A New Zealand Guide

The only person who ever described the process of death as “very easy” was Simone de Beauvoir, and it’s probably safe to say that the title of her greatest work was indeed intended to be ironic. 

Another author, the Wellington-based Karen McMillan, has teamed up with a couple of others to produce a new book out about how to make death and dying just a little easier. 

A Week for British (and Aussie) Carers

Carers Week, an annual campaign that celebrates and recognises the valuable contribution that people make when they look after an ill, frail or disabled family member or friend, is nearly upon Britain. 

And while the event has yet to attract the interest of the country’s big media outlets, its notices in the community press are something to be heartened about—at least if one lives in the UK and not New Zealand. 

Budget Blues?

Everybody’s talking about Budget 2014, but not a lot of the talk has been about households who must produce their own budgets with an eye for the requirements of an affected member in need of constant care.  

A record $15.6bn has been earmarked for health over the coming year, with children’s health, disability support and elective surgery among the areas in for an immediate boost

Chronicling Life On the Disabled Margins

One of the country’s popular online hangouts has turned over part of its work to documenting life on the disabled margins.

Although the Public Address site is best known for the prolific musings of founder Russell Brown, it has always been the work of several contributors writing on a variety of broad themes—life in the south, bisexuality in the city, political humour, and so forth.  

Ambulance Services A National Treasure

By Laurie Hilsgen

When the unexpected happens you realise how important it is to have the flashing lights appear quickly in your driveway (or at the scene of the accident, or beach emergency, or whatever). 

If you or someone in your family is frail, elderly, or has a chronic condition, the flashing lights come often. 

The point is, they always come. 

Money and Gifts Muddy Caring Waters

By Laurie Hilsgen

When is a nurse who is providing nurse-type services privately for elderly clients who are also friends not operating in a professional capacity and thus able to accept a bequest of $315,000? 

Golden Years (For Some)

Retirement is never very far from the news pages — for the very good reason that it’s never far from the minds of those in their middle years. 

Here, for instance, is a recent piece on the Commissioner for Financial Literacy's 2013 review of retirement income policies. The survey found there is an “increasing gap” between the standard of living that we aspire to when we retire and the standard of living we can afford on New Zealand Superannuation. 

Bev Grammer: Loss Of A Disability Leader

Carers NZ was saddened by the recent death of disability sector leader Beverley Grammer. 

We have worked with Bev for many years and were shocked to hear of her death following a short illness. 

NZ Tops World In Social Progress?

By John Forman

New Zealand's social progress for carers doesn't quite live up to its top ranking in the Social Progress Imperative's national wellbeing assessment of 130 countries. 

The body's advisory board is led by Dr Michael Porter, known here for his work on international competitiveness in the 1990s. 


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