Help + Information from the Cancer Society of NZ

Supporting Others

Cancer Society LogoThe website of the Cancer Society is an important source of information for New Zealanders affected by cancer and their families. The Society provides information about types of cancer, diagnosis, methods of treatment, and advice about living with cancer. 

You can read the Society's information online as free printed booklets (detailed information) or Information Sheets (the brief facts). Our link above connects to the Society's Relationships and Communication page where you can see Information Sheet and booklet topics, and view the resources online. Printed versions are available from your local Cancer Society office.

For advice and information, please phone the Cancer Information Helpline, 0800 CANCER (226 237), or contact your local Society office.

As well as practical information and advice, the Cancer Society's local offices can offer various kinds of help during treatment for cancer, such as help with transport, accommodation during treatment, and limited financial assistance.

Find out more about supports available in your region if you or someone you care for has cancer here (choose your region, then 'Go'). 

If you have a question, email a Cancer Society cancer nurse,