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Walking with Jennifer and Bill

From 2-16 May a group of New Zealand carers will walk from Porto in Portugal to Santiago in Spain, then journey for a special day to Cape Finisterre, known as the end of the world. Our guides, Bill Bennett and his wife Jennifer, have done the journey before. Here, Bill writes about why it might be special for the Kiwi carers making the trip.

Walk for Wellbeing, 2 – 16 May 2016: Learn about our campaign for carers!

Watch our video about Kiwi carers who will walk 240 kilometres to remind other carers that to last the distance, they have to take time out for themselves each day.

Oh my goodness!

Ruth lives in scenic Rotorua, where there are lots of forest walks. Training for the Walk for Wellbeing in May has had its twists and turns!

A snail’s pace

Laurie from Carers NZ will be cameraman Bill Bycroft’s ‘go-fer’ while filming our Walk for Wellbeing in May. There will be long days and lots of kilometres. Like the snails she often sees on her walks home in Auckland, she’s taking it slow.

Share Your Stories!

Every carer has a story to tell. Sharing your story will help other carers. We’ve created the Stories section of our website to help reduce the feelings of isolation many carers experience.…