I Am Here: And What Now?

Caring For You

Ros Capper has written And What Now? for those who are rebuilding after a major life change. Following is an extract from her book for other people facing life-altering challenges!


I think it is easy to imagine, without realizing it, that somewhere outside of us 'there is a plan', if only we can find it! Instead of hunting for a plan outside of ourselves, like a treasure hunt, creative enquiry encourages us to be aware of what is happening within ourselves as well as in our world: to notice, write down, and nourish. When you are ready, take action by playing with your own experiences of:

  • Hunches

  • Intuitive feelings

  • What we most enjoy

  • Quiet times in nature

  • The future we sense we prefer

  • Listening to favourite music

  • Where we choose to focus

  • Nurturing leisure times

  • Laughing at things we find funny

  • Displaying mementos we feel good looking at

  • Experimenting with colour

  • Appreciating small things

  • Celebrating the achievements of others

  • Contributing to our community

  • Initiating times with people we enjoy

  • Noticing and noting down our strengths

  • Writing down what we are telling ourselves (our stories)

  • Finding a key thread running through everything, to be emphasized

What if you are pausing or coming to a complete stop at the thought of stepping into your preferred future or dream? What if the map you imagine says: here be dragons? I experienced pausing, setting momentum aside, and anxiety ("publish a book, oh no!"). I find the following to be useful steps into unknown, unmapped territory:

  • Asking for help

  • Mapping the territory ('mind map')

  • Taking a break altogether from the momentum of the journey

  • Moving daily (beach walks, kayaks)

  • Sharing with interested and supportive others

  • Listening carefully to feedback and advice (soup group!)

  • Staying focused on my emerging preferred future

  • Accepting help with gratitude

  • Ensuring treat times

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