Care Matters: Wellbeing and Learning for Carers

Carer Learning and Wellbeing Resource Service

Care Matters has been designed for carers by carers. It provides resources and avenues for learning and empowering people who care for a person with a disability.

The service offers:

  • Care Matters website
  • A range of web based resources for carers
  • A freephone, information and support service
  • Help to put carers in touch with others who have a similar experience, for support
  • Provide a range of nationwide workshops
  • An Advisory group and Carer e-leadership to advise and guide the design and delivery of the carer learning and wellbeing resources and workshops

Who can attend Care Matters face-to-face learning opportunities?

  • People who are eligible for disability support services as determined by the Ministry funded NASC.
  • Carer(s) of people who are eligible to access disability support services as determined by the NASC.
  • Relief carers who want to provide supports to disabled people and/or their carer(s).

These face-to-face learning opportunities are not available to full-time employees of disability service provider organisations, and people and their carers who do not have disability support services allocated through the NASC.

To contact Care Matters phone (0508) 236 236, or e-mail