Care Planning Tools

Carers often worry about what would happen to the person they support if they were unable to continue providing care for any reason.

It makes sense to plan for emergencies, especially if a vulnerable person would be at risk if something were to happen to you.

Carers NZ has developed some planning tools to help you prepare for emergencies that might interrupt your ability to provide care.

Complete these tools and if possible discuss ‘the what ifs’ with the person you support, so they have input into arrangements that would affect them if you were suddenly unable to provide support.

Share the completed tools with anyone who needs to know about your wishes, and the support needs of your friend or family member (if they can’t easily communicate these themselves).

Download blank tools and update them whenever details change, and redistribute copies so everyone has the latest version.

Keep copies where those who need to find them can easily do so.

These tools are also useful for anyone self-managing health or disability support needs.

Download one, or download them all