New Services for Carers

Two new national services to support family carers have been launched by the Ministry of Health for delivery by not-for-profits SAMS (Standards and Monitoring Services), Parent to Parent, and Carers New Zealand.

The services, developed by carers for carers, will assist people who support people with disabilities nationwide.

SAMS’ and Parent to Parent’s Care Matters learning and wellbeing service is available online at with support from a free phone service. The website pulls together clear, constructive, up-to-date information to assist carers, while the learning and training is available face-to-face and online. The resources cater to people who have visual impairments and be accessible via online desktop and mobile devices.

The Care Matters freephone (0508) 236 236, operated by Parent to Parent, connects callers to its existing network of local knowledge and support, and its facilitators keen to ensure face-to-face learning opportunities relevant to local interests and needs. Many are carers who have walked in the same shoes.

Care Matters will equip carers to not just obtain information/skills that assist today and make it easier to navigate the current system, but help carers use a more flexible approach to supports and services.  Resources and face-to-face learning opportunities provide carers with the opportunity to examine possibilities, consider alternatives, be strategic, and have a say.

The freephone will also direct carers to sources of respite care at Carers NZ’s new National Carer Matching Service.

Often family carers struggle to find relief carers so they can have time out. This service matches disabled people and family carers with relief carers in their area, online and through its 0800 777 797 number.

Carers NZ has partnered with Mycare Ltd to provide free access to a national pool of support workers, connecting people with disabilities and their families with people and services whose skills match their  needs.

If you need a support, and would like to connect with people and organisations in your area who are available for this type of work, please contact Mycare! Phone (0800) 677 700 or email