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Strength for Life Exercise Programme: 15 Minutes!

WayneHalkyardWith Wayne Halkyard 

If you want to build your strength to care better and prevent injuries, try national bodybuilding champion Wayne Halkyard's easy to follow 15 minute Strength for Life program.


Stretch, Focus & Relax, with Anna Filliol

We hope you enjoy Carers NZ's Stretch, Focus & Relax series of wellbeing exercises. 

Watch one, or watch them all! 

Made by meditation expert Anna Filliol and Wellington-based film maker Ro Tierney, Stretch, Focus & Relax complements our 15 minute Strength for Life programme. 

Both programmes are designed for family carers, but will help anyone who wants to look and feel better!

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Stay Safe - Advice from ACC

Many injuries happen at home, and there can be extra dangers for carers if they are stressed, tired, or distracted. Check every room in the house with safety tips in our interview series with ACC! 


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Carer Story: Dealing with a Serious Burn Injury

It pays to be prepared for emergencies: most injuries happen at home in an instant, says Virginia Linton, who was ill prepared when her partner was seriously burned. 

It began as mornings do: pouring boiling water from the jug into the coffee plunger so we could enjoy that first cup of the morning feeling before going our separate ways for the day. But this day was different, because we hadn't noticed a long hairline crack in the glass plunger insert.

In an instant, the whole thing shattered in a tempest of coffee grounds, glass shards, and scalding liquid.

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Keeping Mobile: Use Your Mobility Scooter Safely

If you currently use a mobility scooter or power chair or are considering using one in the future - this free booklet is for you.

Published by the NZ Transport Agency, Keeping Mobile: how to safely use your mobility scooter covers topics including scooter users' rights and responsibilities, safety and maintenance tips, advice on choosing the right scooter, and much more.

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Guidelines on Physical Activity for Older People

GuidelinesPhysicalActivityThe Ministry of Health's Guidelines on Physical Activity for Older People are designed to help New Zealanders aged 65 years and over live longer and healthier lives. 

The document gives the following five key recommendations:

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Advice: Wet Area Bathrooms

BathroomBeautiesConvenient, easy to clean, and space saving: what's not to like about wet area bathrooms? By John Jurman and Diana Noonan. 

We hope you enjoy our comprehensive feature about what to consider when planning a wet area bathroom.

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Safe Lifts + Transfers at Home


Safe moves and transfers, with physiotherapist Ellen van Dijken.

Caring for others comes with its share of hard work. This can involve physical work like transferring, pulling, pushing wheelchairs, carrying, and lifting. If not done properly, there can be risks for those being moved and their supporters. Injuries can be sustained easily. Some happen suddenly, like a fall, while others, like strains, can develop gradually.

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Keeping Moving: Staying Mobile!

More people of all ages are using mobility scooters, walking frames, and walking sticks. Once ugly and institutional, today's most popular aids are colourful, attractive, and have appealing features. Find the equipment that's best for you with advice from Auckland's Independent Living Centre.

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Safe, Friendly Bathrooms

Whether your bathroom needs a few tweaks to be more accessible, or a complete remodel, here is advice from the experts. 


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