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Life Coach: Dream A Little

"When I was a young boy, I was often chastised for daydreaming," says Carers NZ life coach Richard Blakeborough.

"Get your head out of cloud cuckoo land. Stop daydreaming. Grow up." 

The thing was, I enjoyed daydreaming. 

It was fun to imagine how things could be, who I could become, what I could do. 

It was interesting to see where these daydreams would ‘take me’.

I was still daydreaming when I went to university. 

One day, at a psychology lecture, I was staring out of the window. 

“What on earth are you doing?” asked the lecturer. 

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Life Coach: Good Vibrations!

PinkButterflyWhat comments, issues, or people 'press your buttons'?

Richard Blakeborough suggests you identify your Anti Calm triggers to deal with stress peacefully. 

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Booklet: Delirium – Information For Patients, Families, and Friends

This booklet produced by the Waitemata DHB provides information to family, whanau, and visitors of people with delirium. 

Delirium, or acute confusion, can be alarming for the sufferer and family providing support. It is hoped this booklet will provide helpful information to allow people to better understand the condition.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • About delirium

  • What causes delirium?

  • What should you look out for?


CALM – Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind

The University of Auckland have created CALM - a great website which can be used as a motivational tool for students struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, relationships and other factors that can contribute to poor study practices. 

Sections in the website include:

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Hearing Voices: Information for Voice Hearers and their Supporters

Hearing voices is more common than people think; it is in fact a normal but unusual experience. However, it can be a frightening experience for both the hearer and family and friends who support them. 


Having Suicidal Thoughts

SuicidalThoughtsInformation for family, whanau, friends, and support networks.

Mood Disorders: Information for Family and Friends

Mood disorders affect the whole family, not just someone who is experiencing a mental illness. However, friends and families are often left in the dark, struggling to cope and not knowing how they can help.

Someone You Care About has a Mood Disorder is a helpful booklet written especially for family and friends. It was commissioned by Balance NZ – Bipolar and Depression Network and Bipolar Support Canterbury.

Supporting Someone Who Has Depression?

FingerFamilyCaring for a family or whanau member who has depression can be very hard - and it is important to keep yourself well, especially if you are supporting someone who has severe depression. 

It’s important to find ways of getting time out for yourself and to feel okay about this.

It’s not uncommon for a carer to experience anger, guilt or fear.

Young Caring: Supporting Mum

CookiesBy Marylynn Maloney Boyes. 

Childhood memories wash over Marylynn when she does the laundry. 

Keeping up with the family washing was just one of the chores that fell to Marylynn when her mother, who experienced mental illness, was unwell or away having treatment.

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