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MeetUps: Learning, Sharing, Fun for Carers!

Would you like to meet other carers in your community?

Carers NZ is planning MeetUps for carers across the country in 2016. To find out where and when our upcoming MeetUps will be held, visit and search for 'carers' in your area. Click through to a MeetUp to RSVP; it's that simple! If you've joined the group you'll be notified of all upcoming MeetUps.


Webinars: Learning for Carers

Carers NZ's initial webinar series is currently being reviewed and we are designing new topics for those who like to learn and connect with other carers online!

Visit soon to see our new lineup of webinar topics. Webinars will be held monthly from the New Year, hosted by experts in a range of learning areas. We will be promoting these in our regular e-newsletters and in social media.

A typical webinar runs for an hour or so and allows carers to ask questions, learn about sources of help, and have a bit of time out during their day.


Support At Home: Kitchen Confidential

It's natural to exchange personal information when a support worker comes into your home, but they also need to maintain professional boundaries. After all, they are there to do a job: to help you retain or regain your independence!

Providing support gives an intimate glimpse into one another’s lives. A support worker’s role is different from many other jobs. They have personal contact with their clients, close contact with clients' families, and their workplace is their client’s home, a very important symbol of independence.

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Carer Story: A Different Road

ColourfulFlowersAn extract from Shirley Jamieson’s memoir A Different Road.

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Carer Story: Supporting Dad

HeartCookiesBy Rosey Duncan

My Dad was a busy and productive man who worked hard and led a full life. Nicknamed The Mighty Atom by friends due to his energetic 'up and do' attitude, Dad served as a Flying Officer in the RNZAF during WWII (524 Squadron).

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Dressing Table Nostalgia!

DressingTableNostalgiaTake a treasure-filled trip down memory lane with residents of Bupa's Waterlea and Bethesda facilities!

Many of the beautiful items featured in this article were given by husbands and parents as gifts, many, many years ago, and are still treasured to this day.

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Carer Story: Pacific Caring

A snapshot of the life of Alfred Manaseli Hartnell. By Richard Pamatatau

Memories of Alfred

My cousin Alfred was profoundly disabled from birth – though my Grand Aunt Ruth Hartnell and her husband, Uncle George, had no idea of this on the day he arrived.

He was, my cousin Lola Hartnell tells me, healthy, plump and noisy. No one knew that he would have extra needs till he was about six months old. Then, as he got older, bit by bit the complex issues he would face throughout his life began to materialise.

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Life Coach: Fresh Start!

After months of depression and doubt following his heart bypass surgery, Richard Blakeborough had no illusions: things had to change!

Getting the feeling again

Barry Manilow may have been onto something with that song title. The feeling for me was motivation. I had always thought I was reasonably driven, ambitious, and motivated. As a young man, I used my motivation to earn my degree, play rugby, and leave my home country to create a new life in New Zealand.

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Young Carer Story: Nerd + Beefy

University student Lauren Hitchin is one of nearly 10% of 15 to 24 year old Kiwis who support an ill, elderly, or disabled friend or family member.

“NERD”, a man yells at full volume down the crowded supermarket aisle.

I carry on shopping, emulating fellow customers’ polite disregard. “NERDY,” the man tries again, projecting his voice even louder. Shoppers begin to crane their necks, trying to locate the source of the loud voice, as I become unusually absorbed in the ingredients on a packet of pasta.


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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Live With Hope!

BoardwalkBy Joy Turner 

When our youngest daughter Jo fell asleep in class at high school, we had no idea it was the beginning of a difficult journey of more than 10 years. 

Jo was diagnosed with a glandular fever-like illness, but as her list of symptoms increased, she fell further and further behind at school. Despite her best efforts, Jo had to leave school after Sixth Form.

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Carer Story: Coming Home


By Charmeyne Te Nana-Williams 

I clearly remember the night in October 2002 when Peter collapsed from a subdural haematoma.

He had rung earlier that evening to tell me he had won his boxing match and was New Zealand's Super Heavyweight Boxing Champion!

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A Father’s Story: Living With Eliot

Living with Eliot is a column in Carers NZ’s Family Care magazine, written by Eliot’s Dad, author and commentator David Cohen. In it he explores issues of interest to parents of children who have special needs.

It’s a graceful lull of a Sunday afternoon here in Wellington, and I'm going to start the first of these brief accounts of a carer’s life before the business week proper kicks in tomorrow.

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Continence: A Proactive Choice to Have a Colostomy

RhettBrownFollowing his serious injury, Rhett Brown made the proactive decision to have a colostomy to manage his bowel care. The following extract has been taken from Rhett’s inspiring book, This Way Up.

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Whirimako Black's Song for Carers

Meet Whirimako Black. Whirimako has been singing professionally since she was 17 and helped to care for her father, who passed away in 2006.

Whirimako Black

Listen to our interview with Whirimako, and hear her sing her song, Hauora.

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Tina Cross Talks Caring

Tina CrossNew Zealand entertainer Tina Cross has had several caring experiences during her life. The first was when she was a child and her family returned to the Far North to support her grandfather, who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. The second was when her mother became ill after being the primary carer for Tina's Grandad.

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Caring Family Relationships

How can we best nurture family relationships while caring for a family member? Read and listen to these stories about carers who do exactly that. 

Carolyn Jury and her husband WayneMitchell and Braedon Jury and their Grandpa

Carolyn Jury 

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Creative Writing: For Carers By Carers

Reading poetry and prose can help us gain valuable insights into any situation in our lives, including our responsibilities as carers. In turn, writing poetry can be a very powerful means of expression and can help us come to terms with difficult times in our lives. These stories and poems are by carers, for carers. Have a read and see if they inspire you to take up your pen and write. 

Marylynn Boyes

Marylynn Boyes

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Avon Hansen-Beadle and The Hibiscus Yukes

Hibiscus Yukes

Avon Hansen-Beadle and friends get together every week to sing and play the ukelele.

They call themselves The Hibiscus Yukes and they meet at a community centre in Orewa, north of Auckland.

These weekly sessions give the budding musicians the opportunity to learn new skills, make friends and have lots of fun.

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Family Choices: Is it Time for Formal Care?

Listen to Dame Kate Harcourt and Dame Fiona Kidman reading from their memoirs regarding their experience when facing this challenge when caring for their Mums. 

Dame Kate Harcourt

Dame Kate Harcourt is an actor, writer and former radio and television presenter, whose face and voice are warmly remembered by thousands of older New Zealanders, who grew up with Listen with Mother.

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Iain Gordon's Music for Carers

Iain Gordon with Jane and Irini

Iain Gordon, accomplished musician, composer and producer, has created a special piece of music for you, the carers of New Zealand and your families, whanau and supporters.

Listen to Iain's catchy tune Music for Carers by Iain Gordon. You will also hear the music at the beginning and end of videos in our online learning videos.

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A Rockette's Legacy

Original Rockette Louise Neistat trained thousands of tap dancers at her home studio, and for more than 45 years coordinated an annual show to raise money for cancer charities. Learn about Louise in this short film by her grandson, Casey.

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