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Remembering Mum in Vigo

Yesterday the family carers walking the Camino Portugues to Santiago in Spain popped into Sanitas Vigo’s beautiful facility for a visit. We received a wonderful welcome, and got to meet the staff and some of the residents.

Grande and growing

Most of us have blisters. Some, like mine, even have names.

Lights along the way

The Carers Walk for Wellbeing took place in May 2016 along┬áthe ancient Camino Portugues, 260 kilometres from Porto, Portugal to Finisterre in Spain. We passed many churches and cathedrals which provided shelter, and sometimes an opportunity to light a candle … make a wish, say a prayer.

Reflections en route to Porrino

Walking the camino is a lot like the journey of caring.

Poop soup

After a few scorching days, down came the rain, turning the Camino Portugues into poop soup as we trek north along mostly rural pathways to Santiago.

Pick a card, any card

At breakfast, tour leader Jennifer Cluff produced a deck of beautifully illustrated Madonna cards, each depicting a word to contemplate for the day. I shuffled the deck and picked my card.

Bras, bras, and more bras blowing everywhere!

At a Sunday market on the way to Valenca.

Fast track to Santiago

Family carer Ian Hansen is often the first to arrive after a day of fast walking along the Camino Portugues.