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Mums speak out on disability, advocacy and activism

For the mothers of disabled children, navigating the roles of advocate and activist can be complex, confronting and a constant struggle. Now seven women – all mothers of disabled children,…

Toilet for people with profound disabilities opens in Hamilton

New Zealand’s first ever Changing Places accessible bathroom has opened in Hamilton. It is located at Hamilton Gardens and features a height-adjustable adult sized change table with a shower, and an electronic hoist.…

New app targets misuse of mobility parks

“Using a mobility parking space without a permit even ‘for just a minute’ can block a disabled person’s opportunity to live life freely.”

The value of kindness

Welcome to 2017! There’s something really nice about celebrating one year and starting fresh on the next. Even though there is only one day between last year and this year, suddenly the world seems to open up with endless possibilities.

Share Your Stories!

Every carer has a story to tell. Sharing your story will help other carers. We’ve created the Stories section of our website to help reduce the feelings of isolation many carers experience.…