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Proactive planning for respite – free online guide!

It can be hard to plan for breaks. We’ve made it easier with our comprehensive Time Out planning guide, available in print or download it here. Handy templates and advice from carers about ways to organise breaks so you can recharge and care for yourself, too. To order print copies phone the Carers NZ helpline 0800 777 797 or email Bulk copies available for organisations!

CareWise | Looking After Carers At Work

1 in 8 of every NZ workplace is a carer – support them by being a CareWise employer! Click here to learn more about this free programme to help carers keep working and earning.

The Covid Complication – some tips and useful links

The COVID-19 pandemic has given family, whānau and aiga carers an extra obstacle to navigate around! There is a lot you can’t control, so focus on what you can. Download our Covid Complication resource here

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