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Learn About Carers

Coming soon! A self-paced 20 minute video developed for anyone who works with family carers, developed with Careerforce. Those who complete this 20 minute video will receive a professional development certificate from Carers NZ.

Types of Carers

Learn About Carers!

Work with families, whanau, and aiga?

Look out for our carer awareness video for anyone who works with family carers! This has been developed in partnership with Careerforce.

Rural Caring

Find help, get support!

We are developing this section. Stay tuned!

Self Care

Look after yourself!

Wellbeing resources and food for thought.

Older People

Do you support an older person?

You’ll find lots of helpful information here!

Employment + Caring

Almost 90% of NZ’s carers are workforce age.

Employers Create a ‘care aware’ workplace!

Working carers Manage the juggle

Young Carers

8% of under 24s!

If you are a young carer,

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Join Young Carers NZ
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Helpful Resources

  • Caring for Older People

    Download the brochure

    Do you assist a member of your family or whānau, or a friend, who needs support?

  • Are You A Young Carer

    Download the brochure

    Many young carers don’t realise they are a ‘carer’.

    You may have started caring when you were much younger. It’s just what you’ve got used to. Or perhaps something happened and you started helping to look after a friend or family member regularly, after they had an accident or became unwell and need ongoing care.

    To download our Are you a Young Carer brochure, click here!

    Are you a young carer? Take our quick survey!

  • Older Carers

    Download the brochure

    Do you assist a member of your family or wha-nau, or a friend, who needs support?