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About Carers NZ

Established in the early 1990s by and for family carers, Carers NZ acts as the national peak body providing information, advice, learning and support for carers in our network.

Today Carers NZ is a national not for profit supporting a network of approximately 490,000 individual carers and supporting organisations. We do not charge a membership fee and fundraise to share our support resources freely with family carers.

The primary role of Carers NZ is to ensure awareness about carers, their role, and their needs within New Zealand and internationally. We participate in government reference and working groups, and promote the interests of family carers to decision-makers in health, education, employment, social services, housing, transport, and other important areas.

Carers NZ works closely with other carer peak bodies in Australia, Canada, Europe, Ireland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Together we are building recognition for family carers among countries, and supporting new carer organisations as these emerge around the world. Our Trust represents New Zealand’s carers in the International Alliance of Carer Organizations (IACO).

Carers NZ is the Secretariat for the NZ Carers Alliance of more than 40 national not for profits, and is the legal umbrella for special interest groups including:

  • Young Carers New Zealand, a national information and support programme for children and young people in caring roles. (Follow Young Carers NZ on Facebook)
  • CareWise, an advisory and support service for employers and working age carers. Carers NZ works in partnership with organisations such as the NZ Council of Trade Unions and Business NZ to support carers at work. Our CareWise website is newly launched.

Carers NZ also works closely with emerging national support networks for whānau carers, Pasifika carers, and new residents.

Charities Commission Registration Number: CC41050