Planning for Emergencies

Like many family, whānau, and aiga carers, you may fret about emergencies and what will happen to the person you support if something happens to you.

What’s your strategy if you get called away, fall ill, or are injured suddenly? What if you die? Having a plan will give you peace of mind – a kind of mental respite.

Put a written plan in place

We’ve developed some emergency care planning tools to help you. Once completed, give copies to at least one other family member or close friend, and/or to your home support worker or others who should know what to do if you are suddenly unable to continue supporting your family member. Take the completed tools with you when you travel.

The tools include:

• Emergency Care Plan
• Important Papers Checklist
• Medications Care Plan
• Emergency Carer ID Card New!

The Emergency Carer ID Card is designed for you to keep in your wallet or handbag, or you can laminate it and attach it to your key ring. If something happens to you while you’re away from home, the card will alert others that the person you support may need help too.