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Dementia and Travel

Alzheimer’s NZ says travelling with someone who has dementia or cognitive issues can be confusing or even dangerous if plans are not well thought out or if the person is not properly supported.

In the early stages, people who have had a diagnosis of dementia are often keen to live life to the full, and this is likely to involve travel.Leaving New Zealand usually involves flying, and most trips are long, with stopovers and crossing of time zones. This is stressful for most people, but more so for the person with dementia and their travel companions.

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Total Mobility Scheme

TotalMobilitySchemeReview this helpful booklet about the Total Mobility scheme!

Total Mobility Around NZ, developed in partnership by local and central government, will inform you about the Total Mobility scheme, which subsidises taxi services for people with serious mobility constraints that prevent them from using public transport.

The scheme provides:

• vouchers that discount normal taxi fares by 50%,


Keeping Mobile: Use Your Mobility Scooter Safely

If you currently use a mobility scooter or power chair or are considering using one in the future - this free booklet is for you.

Published by the NZ Transport Agency, Keeping Mobile: how to safely use your mobility scooter covers topics including scooter users' rights and responsibilities, safety and maintenance tips, advice on choosing the right scooter, and much more.

Caring For You

Support At Home: Help At Home Or Away!

Think ahead to get the support you need over the summer months. Here are suggestions from an expert planner, Access Homehealth's Jo Kara!

Summer can be a relaxing time of year ... in theory, anyway!

Many of us have our annual holidays during the summer months, allowing the busy home support workforce to rest and recharge. But summer can also be a season of uncertainty and disrupted routines for those who rely on help from others, and for family carers, who sometimes work harder than ever to assist loved ones when the paid workforce is on holiday.

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Double Vision!

Melda and Graham Townsley work as a team to ensure that Graham retains his independence and quality of life despite his worsening vision. By Sara Rogers

Melda Townsley believes a bang to the head during a car accident several years ago hastened the deterioration of her husband Graham’s eyesight. But neither she nor Graham have let this restrict his independence.

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Carer Story: We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday!

The annual family post-Christmas vacation to Whangamata was the event of the year. Five weeks of sunshine, endless hours of boogie boarding, fish and chips with the town’s entire seagull population for company and, after dinner, ice cream walks inevitably ending with an unbalanced Bubble-O-Bill falling off the stick. By Lauren Hitchin

This truly was the time of year our whole family looked forward to, and it has to be the setting for this article about my childhood with Beefy, my eldest brother, who has an intellectual disability.

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Tips And Advice: Nine Rules To Travel By!

NineRulesCoverFamily Care reader Kirsten Gregory recalls the Central Otago holiday she shared with her twin sister following Catherine’s serious injury and intensive rehabilitation. 

Kirsten has provided nine suggestions to help other young people with support needs plan a hassle-free adventure!

Practical Planning

Reader Story: Have Walking Frame, Will Travel!

When planning her latest excursion to the Greek village of Leonidion, Diana Noonan asked her Mum to share the journey.

For 20 years I’ve been visiting the same small village on the southeast coast of Greece’s Peloponese Peninsula.

Last year, I asked my mother Val, aged 79, if she would like to join me.

Val experiences mobility difficulties due to arthritis, so when she replied that she would be delighted to travel to Leonidion, we both set about looking for the best ways to manage long haul travel and enjoy new experiences together.

Practical Planning

Advice: Holiday Questions and Answers

Retired air hostess Sheila Wyeth says good planning can avoid travel headaches in the air and on the ground... and Jan Moss shares tips for those travelling with someone who struggles if their routine is changed.

In the Air

Sheila worked with international carriers such as Pan Am and United Airlines for more than 30 years. During her long career she helped many travellers with health and disability needs and their companions. Here are her suggestions to ensure a trouble-free journey.

Pre-flight preparations

Practical Planning

Carer Story: Planning for Travel Emergencies

Experiencing the Christchurch earthquakes prompted Monica Renwick to update her travel planner so she could be better prepared in case of future emergencies. Monica shares her suggestions to help others who might be caught out in an emergency, as she and her husband were.

Practical Planning

Travel Advice: Happy Trails

CruiseLinerPlan well, book early, and have a great time! There is absolutely no reason why people with health or disability needs and their families can't travel safely, and have fantastic holidays. 

It's important, though, to make your travel agent aware of any extra needs right from the start.

Practical Planning

National Toilet Map

If you or someone you support needs a handy or accessible bathroom while you're out and about, it pays to know where to go! When planning a trip, have a look at the national Toilet Map website, so you can plot your stops in advance.

You'll find the site here!

The map was developed by Crohn's and Colitis NZ for people who have Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, for whom finding the nearest available toilet can often be an urgent situation.

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Safe Travels!

CruiseLinerIf you or someone you support has extra needs, travel has never been easier! 

More travel companies are offering tours, cruises, and special travel assistance for the growing population of travellers who have disabilities and older people. 

Practical Planning

Advice from Relationships Aotearoa

Wellington based clinical leader and counsellor Jayne O'Neill talks us through some of the challenges carers can face in their relationships.  

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