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Care Matters: Wellbeing and Learning for Carers

If you care for a disabled family member under the age of 65, the new Care Matters service, delivered by SAMS and Parent To Parent, may be for you!

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Advice: Making Your Voice Heard

Being assertive is all about making sure your voice is heard and being able to clearly explain how you feel about something, what you need, or why you feel something should be changed. It means saying ‘yes’ when you want to and ‘no’ when you don’t agree with something or someone (rather than agreeing to something just to please someone else).

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Life Coach: Dream A Little

"When I was a young boy, I was often chastised for daydreaming," says Carers NZ life coach Richard Blakeborough.

"Get your head out of cloud cuckoo land. Stop daydreaming. Grow up." 

The thing was, I enjoyed daydreaming. 

It was fun to imagine how things could be, who I could become, what I could do. 

It was interesting to see where these daydreams would ‘take me’.

I was still daydreaming when I went to university. 

One day, at a psychology lecture, I was staring out of the window. 

“What on earth are you doing?” asked the lecturer. 

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Wellbeing WOF: Check yourself out

Give yourself the once over! Use Katharine Findlays' warrant of fitness checklist to help you and your loved ones stay healthy through the year.

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Life Coach: Good Vibrations!

PinkButterflyWhat comments, issues, or people 'press your buttons'?

Richard Blakeborough suggests you identify your Anti Calm triggers to deal with stress peacefully. 

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I Am Here: Makeup Tips For Seniors

Recently, Family Care magazine received a letter from an ‘oldie’ who asked for some makeup tips for the more mature woman. Ula Western of The Essentials in Coopers Beach kindly provided some basic tips and rules for people aged 60+.


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I Am Here: And What Now?

Ros Capper has written And What Now? for those who are rebuilding after a major life change. Following is an extract from her book for other people facing life-altering challenges!


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Life Coach: Let Go!

Lighten you life ( and your mind) by releasing old habits, possessions and attitudes, says coach Richard Blakeborough

As a young man I attended boarding school on the North Yorkshire Moors.

The school terms were neatly sectioned to semi-mirror the seasons: a short and exciting summer term, full of the promise of a long school break; a long autumn term, spiced with the gift of Christmas; and then the feared cold and dreary winter term between Christmas and Easter. January through March were hard yards on the moors: bitterly cold, with little to look forward to at the end.

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ActiveWellness: Winter … A Time For Home!

Don't let gloomy days and cold weather get you down this year. Plan for fun, companionship, outings, and maybe a new hobby! By Katherine Findlay

There’s not a lot of romance in a New Zealand winter. Comparatively few of us wake up to the gentle pitter of snowflakes on the window pane. It’s more likely to be the sound of rain – again. Fifty shades of grey skies and a general aura of dampness and drabness, punctuated by an occasional watery sun.

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Life Coach: In The Now!

Feel like you always have seven things on your mind? Life coach Richard Blakeborough says a few minutes is all you need to take the pressure down.

Stop the world, I want to get off! Have you ever had the feeling that everything is too fast, too aggressive, too loud ... that you would just like things to calm down, maybe even take a mini holiday from the hullaballoo? 

Sometimes, when I watch images of life in China or India or even the USA, the pace of their lives frightens me. Surely all that stress and anxiety and activity must be bad for people? It can be!

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Emotional Self-Help Toolkit

BelieveInYourselfA free online self-guided programme for becoming a healthier, happier you! 

Stress or mood swings rock everyone's balance from time to time. However, when too much stress, anxiety, depression, or worry interferes with your health, career or personal relationships, it’s time to make a change.


Life Coach: Mind Games

Getting your head around a challenging diagnosis, serious injury, long-term disabilities, or a major health trauma can be scary, as life coach Richard Blakeborough knows only too well.

I know that many Family Care readers live with the effects of disabilities, chronic conditions, and life-threatening illnesses, so thought I might explore some of the issues this raises for anyone in this situation and their families.

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Life Coach: Self Belief

How we think and feel about ourselves is reflected in what happens in our lives. If your thoughts are negative, then turn them around so they are positive. By Richard Blakeborough

If you think you aren’t attractive, or that you are not coping well, then you will believe this to be true. Your behaviour will reflect your thinking. The truth is it’s all about how we think we look or feel!

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Balancing Relationships In Later Life

Balancing relationships can be tricky at the best of times, no more so than as we age. 

Relationships Aotearoa has a series of articles on relationships in later life. Topics include:

  • Adapting your relationship to life after work
  • Intimacy
  • Keeping balance in your reltationship in times of ill health
  • New relationships
  • Violent and abusive behaviour

These informative articles tackle these issues in a very positive and easy to understand way.

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Wellbeing: Valuing Yourself + Your Caring Role

FingerFamilyFor anyone in a long-term supporting role, it is crucial to find ways to recognise and value what you are doing, rather than seeing only what cannot be achieved. Direct suffering takes a huge toll on many people’s lives. But often the people supporting those who are suffering are also under considerable stress.

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Wellbeing: Managing Fear and Worry

SandThroughHandsWorry when you have to ... relax when you don't! Here are ideas to help you manage your worries and fears. 

Fears and worries are normal.They serve a purpose in life, and become a problem only when they interfere with daily functioning.

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Advice: Give Yourself A Break

DaisyIf you support an older family member, do you know how New Zealand’s respite system works? Do you know what kinds of time out are available? How do you organise a break? 

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Advice: Carer Burnout

RedPhoneOften we don't even recognise the symptoms of burnout. Sometimes family carers become so stressed they lose perspective and do not realise they are no longer coping. Carer burnout is dangerous for you and for your family member.

Being aware of your own needs and wellbeing can help you recognise the signs of burnout.

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Life Coach: Break Bad Habits!


Life coach Richard Blakeborough loves a nice glass of wine, but he doesn’t want to have one ... well, only occasionally.

I was excited when I saw my first column in Family Care, and even though I wrote it, I found myself re-reading it. I was conscious of my comments about alcohol and reflected on that behaviour, because I’m a coach: I need to model the behaviours my clients may want to change in their own lives.

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Life Coach: Plant, Weed, Nourish!

Keeping the garden tidy and enjoying its gifts has many parallels with how we approach life. By Family Care columnist and life coach Richard Blakeborough.

Last Sunday I had a day in the garden. I have a very large garden, and sometimes the thought of getting out and weeding frightens me, because there is so much to do!

A benefit of spending long hours in the garden is that I have time to think. And last Sunday I needed to think.

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Five Minute Meditations with Anna Filliol

Anna Filliol has created these meditations especially for busy carers so they can make the most of a small window of time to relax and recharge their batteries. All it takes is five minutes. 


All you have to do is stop what you are doing, sit comfortably in front of the computer, click the Audio tab attached to this article, and choose a meditation to suit your mood. Then press play, and relax and enjoy.

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