Young Carers Flight Opportunity

Our chilly Auckland skies will be warmed with the beaming smiles of sixteen deserving young carers this winter. Phil Pacey will be flying young people who care for a family member in his Cessna 206, for a memorable scenic flight. They’ll lift off from Ardmore Airport in Papakura, to be flown over the wider Auckland region. The trip will include a bird’s eye view of spots such as One Tree Hill, Sky City, Waiheke, and Rangitoto.
Along with fellow pilot Peter Armstrong, they’re hoping to make it an annual occasion, to be able to offer the chance to as many young carers as they can. “I like to see smiles on young people’s faces, to give these deserving kids a break,” says Phil.
It’s part of a worldwide event, organised by the Rotary E Club of Aviation (the ‘E’ stands for Electronic), to show their support for young carers. Phil Pacey has been part of Rotary since 1983.
With members spread throughout the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, and New Zealand, they have regular online meet-ups, but coordinating their charity work can be a challenge. So they hatched a plan to get up to 100 deserving young people in the air, on the same day worldwide.
It’s the first time Phil and Peter are offering this particular opportunity, but not the first time that Phil has volunteered his experience and skills to a good cause. Previously he was part of Angel Flight New Zealand, a charity which flies patients from remote regions to faraway hospitals for non-urgent medical appointments.
“I knew very little about young carers previous to this,” says Phil. He’s hoping it’ll raise more awareness of the unique position these young people are in.