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Money talks, and so it should

By Laurie Hilsgen

Back in the mid 1990s the boss of a major international cosmetics company fired one of his senior managers who was juggling work with caring for his wife, who had developed Alzheimer's.

The man was doing his job well but he wasn't as 'available' as the Big Boss wanted.

The man who was caring could no longer attend early morning breakfast meetings, and needed to leave work at a sensible hour to be with his frail wife.

Living with Eliot: Family juggles

EliotCohenIt’s a graceful lull of a Sunday afternoon here in Wellington, and I'm going to start the first of these brief accounts of a carer’s life before the business week proper kicks in tomorrow. 

That's because my working week generally has almost as much to do with autism as business, sometimes to the point where the two blur together in a slightly weird shade of grey, more often than not at the expense of both. 

Is it time to die? Who decides?

Teddy Bear HeartAs New Zealand debates whether to introduce euthanasia legislation and it's revealed that United Kingdom hospitals are being bribed to put patients on the

ACC: A 360 scheme?

Sir OwenSir Geoffrey Palmer says the ACC scheme should be extended to cover disease and congenital disabilities to address a 'longstanding injustice'. I think he's right. 

Fairness At Last for Carers?


21 September, 2012

Fairness at last for family carers?
Government opens consultation about paying carers

Carers NZ and the Carers Alliance of more than 40 national not for profits have welcomed the Government's launch of a consultation asking family carers, disabled people, and society whether and how to pay those who provide care at home. But they are concerned that the consultation document sends the wrong messages.


How Carers NZ can help

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