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Perchance To Dream

An ideal sleep environment (the right temperature, low wattage bulbs, clean room, no noise machines, and, especially no cellphones) soothes any person’s senses. 

Without it, say psychologists, we’re booked for ongoing problems such as daytime sleepiness, poor decision-making, interference with learning, and accidents. 

To Be Taken With A Pinch Of Salted Viagra

So what’s going inside assisted living facilities and nursing homes? Helpful hint: the supposedly correct answer doesn’t mention bingo evenings, discussions about indoor bowls, or the quality of residential care. 

The Carer And The Terrorist

Who, besides highly paid editorial writers, political leaders and popular movie producers, can give us an insight into the mind of a terrorist? A care worker can. 

The extraordinary correspondence between Rory Green and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed rates as one of my favourite news stories over the summer break. 

Sometimes Life Isn't Fair

Carers NZ sends condolences to the family of John Tangiia, who was killed in a cycling road accident while building his fitness over the holidays to better support his 11 year old disabled son. 

Like many family carers, John was no doubt conscious of the need to remain physically fit so he could provide safe, quality support for his son. 

On New Year Honours (And The Coolest Media Item From 2013)

Here is the full list of New Zealanders have been hailed for services to the community and their achievements in today’s New Year Honours. 

In addition to the usual quota of public servants, jurists and political figures, this year’s list salutes those who served in the causes of heavy haulage, squash, netball, horse racing and fashion (or won a Booker prize). 

On Susan Boyle, Asperger Syndrome And You-Know-Who

Interesting to see that Susan Boyle, the Scotswoman who rode to international fame on the back of her powerful performance of Les Misérables' "I Dreamed A Dream" on Britain's Got Talent has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. 

The 52-year old says she is happy to have the condition insofar as it gives her a proper label.

A Ray Of Light

Rest homes have been very much in the media spotlight these past few weeks, and much of the coverage has been gloomy at best.

The country’s major daily newspaper, for one, has gone very big on the subject—most recently with a five-part investigation into the state of the nation’s facilities for the aged—and it’s a fair bet that no reader went away from its findings feeling in any way upbeat.

Inside NZ Rest Homes

So the New Zealand Herald’s long-promised five-part investigation into rest homes has arrived—and the first installment at least reads just fine.

Not to say horrifically. Today’s spread includes accounts of bullying staff, patients left with undiagnosed scabies for months on end, residents zonked out on medication and one rest-home manager who "was heard bragging at a dinner party that she once used to milk cows and now she milks the Government.”

The Glory of Love

Here a six-month investigation into the state of residential care homes reveals dozens of cases of abuse, including repellant episodes involving an intellectually disabled teenager left for hours in a toilet by her tax-funded “carers".


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