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Research: Does Your Carer Take Sugar? (2013)

Does Your Carer Take Sugar? was written by Professor Luke Clements (Cardiff Law School) and delivered delivered to the Carers NSW Biennial Conference in March 2013. This informative paper examines carers rights and the parallel struggles of disabled people and carers for equal treatment. 

Download a PDF of Does Your Carer Take Sugar?

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Continence: Dry Nights = Happy Nights!

By Andrea Lord

Managing continence at home is easier if you use the right bedding.

Changing a wet bed in the middle of the night can almost be the last straw. Fortunately, there are many bedding products to help you manage continence problems, tummy bugs, sweat, spilt drinks, and other catastrophes.

The best option is an absorbent bed pad and a waterproof mattress protector. Additional options are waterproof pillow and duvet protectors and some form of floor protection, as spills can spread a long way.

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St John Caring Caller

StJohnCaringCallerDownload the St John Caring Caller brochure and add it to your own electronic carer infopack!

St John Caring Caller is a free telephone friendship service that regularly puts people in touch with someone who cares about them.

Click here to learn more about Caring Caller!



Support At Home: Help At Home Or Away!

Think ahead to get the support you need over the summer months. Here are suggestions from an expert planner, Access Homehealth's Jo Kara!

Summer can be a relaxing time of year ... in theory, anyway!

Many of us have our annual holidays during the summer months, allowing the busy home support workforce to rest and recharge. But summer can also be a season of uncertainty and disrupted routines for those who rely on help from others, and for family carers, who sometimes work harder than ever to assist loved ones when the paid workforce is on holiday.

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Home Safety: First Aid Knowhow!

What would you do if you found someone lying unconscious, who was choking, or may have suffered from an overdose? You never know when you might need to give urgent first aid assistance, so knowledge is vital! If you support a friend or family member with extra health needs, or if you manage your own health conditions, it’s essential you know basic first aid skills.

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Factsheet: Oral Care for Someone Who is Dying

OralCareFactsheetProduced in partnership with Carers NZ, Hospice NZ, and the Carers Alliance.

This helpful factsheet provides practical advice and information to help maintain good oral care for someone who is in their later stages of life.

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Big Ideas for Small Gardens

Clever ways to enhance New Zealand outdoor spaces, from the book Big Ideas for Small Gardens by Carol Bucknell and Sally Tagg (Penguin NZ).

  • Consider a contemporary potager garden for small courtyards or townhouse gardens, with neatly trimmed hedges and beautifully arranged herbs, flowers, fruit trees and vegetables.
  • The use of walls, fences, climbing frames, trellises, obelisks and arches allows you to grow more vegetables in a small area and adds interest to the edible garden.
Practical Planning

Booklet: Delirium – Information For Patients, Families, and Friends

This booklet produced by the Waitemata DHB provides information to family, whanau, and visitors of people with delirium. 

Delirium, or acute confusion, can be alarming for the sufferer and family providing support. It is hoped this booklet will provide helpful information to allow people to better understand the condition.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • About delirium

  • What causes delirium?

  • What should you look out for?


Complex Care Group


Complex Care Group (CCG) is a support and information network for a special group of carers, run by carers, who look after young people with complex needs. 

Visit the CCG website to:

Practical Planning

Double Vision!

Melda and Graham Townsley work as a team to ensure that Graham retains his independence and quality of life despite his worsening vision. By Sara Rogers

Melda Townsley believes a bang to the head during a car accident several years ago hastened the deterioration of her husband Graham’s eyesight. But neither she nor Graham have let this restrict his independence.

Supporting Others

Carer stories: Polio Then + Now

PolioThen+NowTwo Family Care readers share their inspiring stories about living with, and caring for a family member with polio. 

Edith Morris contracted polio as a child, and like many New Zealanders who lived through the epidemics, now has Post Polio Syndrome.

And we’re sure you’ll enjoy Judy Walker’s touching tribute to her parents and memories of supporting her Mum, who contracted polio as a newlywed in 1952.

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Carer Story: We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday!

The annual family post-Christmas vacation to Whangamata was the event of the year. Five weeks of sunshine, endless hours of boogie boarding, fish and chips with the town’s entire seagull population for company and, after dinner, ice cream walks inevitably ending with an unbalanced Bubble-O-Bill falling off the stick. By Lauren Hitchin

This truly was the time of year our whole family looked forward to, and it has to be the setting for this article about my childhood with Beefy, my eldest brother, who has an intellectual disability.

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