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ActiveWellness: Winter … A Time For Home!

Don't let gloomy days and cold weather get you down this year. Plan for fun, companionship, outings, and maybe a new hobby! By Katherine Findlay

There’s not a lot of romance in a New Zealand winter. Comparatively few of us wake up to the gentle pitter of snowflakes on the window pane. It’s more likely to be the sound of rain – again. Fifty shades of grey skies and a general aura of dampness and drabness, punctuated by an occasional watery sun.

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Life Coach: In The Now!

Feel like you always have seven things on your mind? Life coach Richard Blakeborough says a few minutes is all you need to take the pressure down.

Stop the world, I want to get off! Have you ever had the feeling that everything is too fast, too aggressive, too loud ... that you would just like things to calm down, maybe even take a mini holiday from the hullaballoo? 

Sometimes, when I watch images of life in China or India or even the USA, the pace of their lives frightens me. Surely all that stress and anxiety and activity must be bad for people? It can be!

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Forward Thinking

Putting support plans in place for yourself or others will ensure uninterrupted care if there is an emergency. By Sarah Wale

All of us over a certain age or who live with serious health or disability needs give passing thought to what would happen if we were unable to look after ourselves. Some of us need to think more deeply about this possibility because others rely on our support; advance planning is crucial to ensure ongoing care for them if we can no longer provide it.

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Advice: Enduring Powers of Attorney

BigTickFor those of us supporting an older person, someone with a disability, or other health condition, you should consider looking into setting up enduring powers of attorney (EPA). 

You'll find helpful information about the two different types of EPA, choosing your attorney, existing EPAs, and much more on these websites:

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Research: Prepared to Care? (UK) 2013

PreparedToCareReportIn preparation for Carers Week 2013 in the United Kingdom, a group of charities set out to explore how much, as a society, they are prepared to care.

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Body Art: Lasting Memorials in Glass

PeterViesnikAuckland glassblower Peter Viesnik (left) creates lasting memories of loved ones. His eye-catching glass crucibles give new meaning to the ad jingle “thousands of luminous spheres”.

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Life Coach: Fresh Start!

After months of depression and doubt following his heart bypass surgery, Richard Blakeborough had no illusions: things had to change!

Getting the feeling again

Barry Manilow may have been onto something with that song title. The feeling for me was motivation. I had always thought I was reasonably driven, ambitious, and motivated. As a young man, I used my motivation to earn my degree, play rugby, and leave my home country to create a new life in New Zealand.

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Interview: Dame Fiona Kidman

Hear an interview with Dame Fiona Kidman as she talks about the the joys and difficulties she experienced when supporting her elderly mother.

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Advice: Holiday Questions and Answers

Retired air hostess Sheila Wyeth says good planning can avoid travel headaches in the air and on the ground... and Jan Moss shares tips for those travelling with someone who struggles if their routine is changed.

In the Air

Sheila worked with international carriers such as Pan Am and United Airlines for more than 30 years. During her long career she helped many travellers with health and disability needs and their companions. Here are her suggestions to ensure a trouble-free journey.

Pre-flight preparations

Practical Planning

Disaster Planning


The Christchurch earthquake gave many Kiwi families a jolt: just how well prepared are the rest of us for a similar emergency?

The Canterbury earthquake reminded everyone to check their emergency supplies, restock batteries and water, and review their family or business emergency plans.

Being prepared for emergencies is especially important for older people and those with health and disability needs.

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