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Continence: Equipment

AccessibleToiletIf someone in your family has continence needs, equipment is available to help you at home, or when you are out and about. 

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Bereavement Bouquets

BouquetWhen ordering funeral flowers or a plant for a grieving person, Whitney from Flowers on Featherston recommends blooms and foliage in creams, whites, and greens. If you favour colourful blooms, stick to pale pink, mauve, or yellow. 

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Hearing Voices: Information for Voice Hearers and their Supporters

Hearing voices is more common than people think; it is in fact a normal but unusual experience. However, it can be a frightening experience for both the hearer and family and friends who support them. 


Downsizing? Choices, Choices!

Considering a change of home and lifestyle? It's good to be proactive if you have outgrown your family home, have health concerns, or want to be closer to family. Who's out there to help with this major change? Diana Noonan reports.

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Publication: Good Medical Practice

The Medical Council's publication Good Medical Practice sets out the standards the public and the profession expect a competent doctor to meet. These standards have been developed through discussion with the public and the profession.

Good Medical Practice also provides guidance to help doctors understand, and comply with, the requirements of legislation.

While the publication is addressed to doctors, it is also intended to let the public know what they can expect from the profession.

Practical Planning

Emotional Self-Help Toolkit

BelieveInYourselfA free online self-guided programme for becoming a healthier, happier you! 

Stress or mood swings rock everyone's balance from time to time. However, when too much stress, anxiety, depression, or worry interferes with your health, career or personal relationships, it’s time to make a change.


Research: The State of Caregiving (UK) 2013

StateofCaring2013This research from Carers UK indicates that one in three full-time carers get no practical support. Launched to coincide with its landmark policy conference, the State of Caring 2013 report examines carers’ health and family finances, experiences of juggling work and care, and of NHS and care services. It also sets out five key challenges from carers.

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Supporting a Friend Through Tough Times

SupportingAFriendHow can a young person can help a friend or family member who is going through a difficult life situation? 

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Young Carer Story: Nerd + Beefy

University student Lauren Hitchin is one of nearly 10% of 15 to 24 year old Kiwis who support an ill, elderly, or disabled friend or family member.

“NERD”, a man yells at full volume down the crowded supermarket aisle.

I carry on shopping, emulating fellow customers’ polite disregard. “NERDY,” the man tries again, projecting his voice even louder. Shoppers begin to crane their necks, trying to locate the source of the loud voice, as I become unusually absorbed in the ingredients on a packet of pasta.


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Government Services for Seniors

SeniorServicesDownload this helpful guide which covers a range of information and help that’s available to people aged 65 years and older. Produced by the Ministry of Social Development, Services for Seniors will help older people and their supporters to find out what’s out there, and where you should go if you need to know more.

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Puzzle Fun!

Palmerston North librarian Joy Hamilton's accident led to a new career, importing and selling jigsaws for others who enjoy this hobby.

In 1990 I was involved in a car accident and fractured my spine. I spent 16 weeks in the Burwood Spinal Unit in Christchurch before returning home to Palmerston North. The pathway of my life changed instantly. As a tetraplegic, I found I had a lot of time on my hands, so started to do jigsaws. They were wonderful for filling in the long days and nights, and kept my mind active.

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Having Suicidal Thoughts

SuicidalThoughtsInformation for family, whanau, friends, and support networks.


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