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Life Coach: Kiwi Heroines!

When Family Care and Carers NZ offered a free hour of life coaching with Richard Blakeborough, he was swamped with requests, mainly from women providing care and support for others. What did he discover in hours of conversations via telephone, email, and Skype?

This is a story about heroes or, to be exact, heroines: everyday New Zealand women who support some of our country’s most vulnerable citizens. Our story begins when Carers NZ and Family Care magazine asked me to coach 50 readers.

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Advice: Paediatric Specialist Dr Rosie Marks

DrRosieMarksIf you support a child or young person who has disabilities, you may enjoy listening to our interview with Dr Rosie Marks, who specialises in treating children who need intensive care.

Dr Marks was the first person to receive Carers New Zealand's Recognition Award for her dedication to supporting families with health and disability needs.

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Advice from Relationships Aotearoa

Wellington based clinical leader and counsellor Jayne O'Neill talks us through some of the challenges carers can face in their relationships.  

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Tina Cross Talks Caring

Tina CrossNew Zealand entertainer Tina Cross has had several caring experiences during her life. The first was when she was a child and her family returned to the Far North to support her grandfather, who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. The second was when her mother became ill after being the primary carer for Tina's Grandad.

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Caring Family Relationships

How can we best nurture family relationships while caring for a family member? Read and listen to these stories about carers who do exactly that. 

Carolyn Jury and her husband WayneMitchell and Braedon Jury and their Grandpa

Carolyn Jury 

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Family Choices: Is it Time for Formal Care?

Listen to Dame Kate Harcourt and Dame Fiona Kidman reading from their memoirs regarding their experience when facing this challenge when caring for their Mums. 

Dame Kate Harcourt

Dame Kate Harcourt is an actor, writer and former radio and television presenter, whose face and voice are warmly remembered by thousands of older New Zealanders, who grew up with Listen with Mother.

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