Planning, Tools & Resources

Plan, plan, plan, and then be prepared for change.

A Guide for Carers
This popular resource describes government supports and services for carers. You can download A Guide for Carers here or contact us and we’ll send you one.
Carer MeetUps
This could be as simple as an informal get together with other carers at a café, or a more formal gathering at a church hall or community space with a speaker, catering, etc. Our Toolkit makes it easy for anyone to organise and promote a MeetUp.
Emergency planning tools
Our tools are designed for family, whānau and aiga carers who provide regular or 24 hour support for a family member or friend who has a disability or health condition. If you become ill or die suddenly, having an emergency plan in place will ensure uninterrupted care for the person you support. Our tools include:
• Emergency Care Plan
• Emergency Carer ID Card
• Medications Care Plan
Relaxation and meditation
Follow along with Anna Filliol’s Stretch, Focus and Relax series, developed especially for carers.
Each segment in the series runs for 10 to 15 minutes and caters for all abilities, including seated exercise options for those who can’t easily stretch or move standing up.
Strength for Life
Feeling a bit rundown? You may enjoy our 15 minute exercise programme, developed by national bodybuilding champion Wayne Halkyard to help build and maintain the strength carers need to feel better, increase their overall strength and fitness, and perform their role safely. Done regularly, the Strength for Life routine can build strength fast. Carers say it really works! To request a stretchy band to do the exercises, phone our national resource centre, 0800 777 797 (we ask for a $5 koha), or buy one at a retail outlet. Some people use inexpensive bungy cords as an alternative to a band.
Take 1 Minute, Take 5 Planner
Our Take 1, Take 5 Weekly Planner is a tool to help you organise regular breaks each week – and make sure you take them.
Visit Caring@Home for a range of videos about Carers NZ and caring at home. You’ll also find links to the Stretch, Focus and Relax video series, the Strength for Life 15 minute exercise programme for carers, and other practical learning resources.