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Strength for Life Exercise Programme: 15 Minutes!

WayneHalkyardWith Wayne Halkyard 

If you want to build your strength to care better and prevent injuries, try national bodybuilding champion Wayne Halkyard's easy to follow 15 minute Strength for Life program.


Stretch, Focus & Relax, with Anna Filliol

We hope you enjoy Carers NZ's Stretch, Focus & Relax series of wellbeing exercises. 

Watch one, or watch them all! 

Made by meditation expert Anna Filliol and Wellington-based film maker Ro Tierney, Stretch, Focus & Relax complements our 15 minute Strength for Life programme. 

Both programmes are designed for family carers, but will help anyone who wants to look and feel better!

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Care Matters: Wellbeing and Learning for Carers

If you care for a disabled family member under the age of 65, the new Care Matters service, delivered by SAMS and Parent To Parent, may be for you!

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Sleep: It's Complicated!

A good night’s sleep is something we all know we need, but chances are if you’re reading this you have a sleep problem.

Rest assured, if you’ll pardon the pun, you are not alone!  Huge numbers of us find it hard to perform this basic biological function. 

Most commonly we either can’t get off to sleep, or drop off quickly then wake up in the small hours, finding it almost impossible to get back to sleep. If we do finally drift off, we wake feeling tired and irritable, and the emotional pattern of the new day is set in motion. 

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Time for You!

If life is stressful due to health or disability needs, or supporting someone else, self-care is vital, says Louise Inglis.

My days are busy and often stressful, and usually I enjoy exercise alone as an opportunity to think or clear my mind.

While caring for my disabled son has many rewarding moments, it can also be physically demanding, emotionally

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Wellbeing WOF: Check yourself out

Give yourself the once over! Use Katharine Findlays' warrant of fitness checklist to help you and your loved ones stay healthy through the year.

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Strength: Video Collection

Introducing the Strength for Life Video Series

Strength for Life: Your 15 Minute Strength-Building Exercise Programme!


Strength for Life: Horizontal Extensions


Strength for Life: The Bent Row

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CALM – Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind

The University of Auckland have created CALM - a great website which can be used as a motivational tool for students struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, relationships and other factors that can contribute to poor study practices. 

Sections in the website include:

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Safe Lifts + Transfers at Home


Safe moves and transfers, with physiotherapist Ellen van Dijken.

Caring for others comes with its share of hard work. This can involve physical work like transferring, pulling, pushing wheelchairs, carrying, and lifting. If not done properly, there can be risks for those being moved and their supporters. Injuries can be sustained easily. Some happen suddenly, like a fall, while others, like strains, can develop gradually.

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Advice: Caring for Feet!

FeetInBedFoot hygiene is essential for everyone, especially older people or those with circulatory or diabetic conditions. Care for your family member’s feet (and yours too!) with tips from registered nurse and beauty therapist Glenny Jones. 

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Advice: Give Yourself A Break

DaisyIf you support an older family member, do you know how New Zealand’s respite system works? Do you know what kinds of time out are available? How do you organise a break? 

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Advice: Carer Burnout

RedPhoneOften we don't even recognise the symptoms of burnout. Sometimes family carers become so stressed they lose perspective and do not realise they are no longer coping. Carer burnout is dangerous for you and for your family member.

Being aware of your own needs and wellbeing can help you recognise the signs of burnout.

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Continence: Hand Hygiene


Frequent hand washing is the best way to control infection risks. Continence Advisor Andrea Lord provides helpful tips about hand hygiene!

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Help for the Hard of Hearing

Who can help if you think you might be experiencing some level of hearing loss (it's a problem for 16% of the general population, and 33% of those aged 60 plus)? 


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All About Osteoporosis

Contrary to popular belief, osteoporosis is not a disease that only afflicts 'old ladies'. While it's true that more than half of women in New Zealand aged 60 years or older will be affected by osteoporosis, did you know that a third of men in the 60+ age bracket are also at risk, as are women as young as 25? 


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Sleep Better

Do you have difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep?


Insomnia is a common concern among people living with a chronic illness, disabilities, and pain, or who are supporting others.

There are many possible causes of insomnia including family history, mental trauma … or even your personality.

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Eat for Energy + Strength

WayneHalkyardWayne Halkyard is working with Carers NZ to devise special programmes to help carers become stronger and healthier. 

Click on the Audio tab above to hear Wayne talk about nutrition.

Wayne has developed a simple eating plan and 15 minute exercise programme for carers. By making simple changes, carers can build strength and maintain energy. 

About Wayne Halkyard

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