Your Rights as a Consumer of Health and Disability Services

If you would like to know more about your rights when using health and disability services, have your questions answered, or make a complaint about a health or disability service, the Health and Disability Commissioner website is a useful resource.

Here you will find a wealth of resources including information about the Nationwide Health and Disability Advocacy Service (that operates under the health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994), self advocacy, (there is even an example of an easy to use complaint form in the event that you are not happy with the services of a provider), a helpful brochure outlining your rights as a consumer, and contact details to find your nearest free Advocate who can help assist you to resolve any complaints about a health or disability service.

Another great resource housed at the HDC’s website is the Health Passport. This is a helpful booklet you can take with you when attending a participating hospital. The Passport contains information about how you want people to communicate with you and support you.

Check out the HDC’s website and pick out the resources you think would help you most!