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Ranui House is available to all out of town patients and their families who are attending any hospital in Christchurch. Patients from all hospital departments can stay at Ranui House, which is owned and operated by the Bone Marrow Cancer Trust.

Families can live at Ranui while the patient is in hospital, and children are able to attend local schools. If patients are well enough they are able to spend time with their families at Ranui, returning to hospital for treatment when required.

Patients who are having outpatient treatments (i.e. home dialysis, radiotherapy and even some bone marrow transplants) can stay at Ranui while receiving treatment, with daily visits to the hospital.

Enquiries can be directed to the office.

Contact Us:

Ranui House
Bone Marrow Cancer Trust
PO Box 8339
1 Cambridge Terrace
Christchurch 8013

03 377 2515 orĀ