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In an Ideal World, by Franky Lewis

by Editor

In an ideal world, family supporters are valued and receive the support they need to continue to provide support to their disabled family member. Yet being valued for the support we give and for our contribution to society remains unrecognised by those in the position to effect changes.

Caring into Retirement by Frank Gaze

Frank Gaze, a carer for many years, talks about life as an older person and draws on a range of caring situations he has found himself in over the course of his life. “Ultimately” he says “it is looking after oneself that is the most likely task we will all have.

Country Carers by Margaret Pittaway

Margaret Pittaway, the Health and Social Development spokesperson for Rural Women New Zealand, looks at the history of support for rural carers, current challenges faced by many in isolated settings and the technology based solutions they are utilising.

Young caring with Mercy

My eldest brother Ollie needs a lot of help and often we miss out on sports and other activities. Sometimes people stare at us but I don’t mind, other times…

To the end of the world and back again: family carers do it every day

In May Carers NZ will highlight the importance of wellbeing for carers, suggesting ways to plan for 30 minutes of daily time out.

Health of Older People Consultation: Why didn’t more carers participate?

Carers of older people, and older carers, are the biggest caring community of all … but they are also stressed and time poor.

NZ Dementia Summit 2015: A Carer’s View

Sarah Scott reviews the Summit, held at Te Papa in November.