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The value of kindness

by thinkbox

Welcome to 2017! There’s something really nice about celebrating one year and starting fresh on the next. Even though there is only one day between last year and this year, suddenly the world seems to open up with endless possibilities.

Pegging out the laundry at Caldas

Ian Hansen was the first to arrive at today’s destination, as usual. The sun was shining, so Ian did his washing and acted as luggage handler for the group.

Tracking the yellow arrows

Just like caring, on the camino you can miss a signpost and get a bit lost!

Letting the light in

Vivienne Tavite of Dunedin is one of five family carers walking the Camino Portugues to promote carer wellbeing.

Red wine with Sanitas Vigo, then more k’s on the camino

Ian Hansen and the other family carers walking the Camino Portugues detoured to spend a few hours with staff and elderly residents of Sanitas Vigo. The group then finished the day with more walking on a rainy day in northern Spain.

Grande and growing

Most of us have blisters. Some, like mine, even have names.

Lights along the way

The Carers Walk for Wellbeing took place in May 2016 along the ancient Camino Portugues, 260 kilometres from Porto, Portugal to Finisterre in Spain. We passed many churches and cathedrals which provided shelter, and sometimes an opportunity to light a candle … make a wish, say a prayer.