Information for every step of your caring journey!

Information for every step of your caring journey!


Learn About Dementia and Continence Online!

Anyone can access learning and assessment about continence and dementia for free at ilearn, the online learning site of Industry Training Organisation Careerforce. Careerforce, the ITO for aged care, health,…


Continence: Helping Those with Dementia Find the Toilet at Night

Continence nurse, Andrea Lord, gives practical tips and ideas to help those experiencing confusion find the toilet in the wee hours! Question: My dad, who has dementia, has forgotten how…


Continence: Hand Hygiene

Frequent hand washing is the best way to control infection risks. Continence Advisor Andrea Lord provides helpful tips about hand hygiene! The number one infection control measure you can take…


Continence: A Proactive Choice to Have a Colostomy

Following his serious injury, Rhett Brown made the proactive decision to have a colostomy to manage his bowel care. The following extract has been taken from Rhett’s inspiring book, This…


National Toilet Map

If you or someone you support needs a handy or accessible bathroom while you’re out and about, it pays to know where to go! When planning a trip, have a…