Learn About Dementia and Continence Online!

Anyone can access free learning and assessment programmes in the field of Health and Wellbeing, including continence and dementia, at the online learning site of Industry Training Organisation Careerforce. Select a programme here.

Careerforce, the ITO for aged care, health, disability and social services, has been working with Carers NZ, the New Zealand Continence Association, and Alzheimers New Zealand to develop online learning programmes designed for anyone with an interest in caring topics. Dementia and continence programmes at ilearn are also used by paid workers as part of their studies towards formal qualifications.

The learning resources and assessments have been developed by experts from the NZCA and Alzheimers New Zealand. It’s free to access the programmes and you don’t need to enter your details unless you want to. The programmes are interesting and fun, with quizzes to see how much you know already about the topics, plus videos, interviews, and other information.

ilearn is interactive, and will answer many questions about dementia and continence you may have wondered about. And if you want to be assessed after completing your study, to gain your NZQA unit standard to start you on a pathway of formally recognised learning, you can do so. Just fill in the form and pay the assessment fee, then complete your assessment online. It will be marked and sent back to you, and the result registered on your NZQA record of learning.

NZCA chief executive Jan Zander says the Association was keen to make continence learning available online, and for this to be accessible to anybody, anywhere. “When the opportunity came up to work with Careerforce to develop a continence module we were very keen to be involved. It was also important that we had an option for NZQA assessment for those who want to formalise their learning, which the ilearn programme supports.”

You can also learn more about health, disability, aged support and social services sector qualifications at the Careerforce website.

Another helpful website is ABI Rehabilitation New Zealand; learn more about the new Level 4 Brain Injury national certificate, which is being piloted with ABI Rehabilitation and Laura Fergusson Trust Canterbury.

Check out our YouTube learning channel

Carers NZ’s YouTube learning channel for family carers has a different, less formal focus. The Caring@Home channel is designed to show carers how to safely perform common support tasks at home, led by experts from organisations such as the Continence Association and St John.

Photo: istockphoto.com, bowdenimages