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Information for every step of your caring journey!

Information for every step of your caring journey!


Exercise: An Outlet for Carers

by David Cohen At the excellent squash centre in central Wellington, as at many such venues around the country, people who care are shrugging on their T-shirts and shorts and…


Safe Lifting + Transfers at Home

  Safe moves and transfers, with physiotherapist Ellen van Dijken. Caring for others comes with its share of hard work. This can involve physical work like transferring, pulling, pushing wheelchairs,…

Advice: Should You Have a Flu Vaccination?

Geriatrician Dr Maree Todd encourages older people, those with chronic conditions, family carers, and health workers to have an annual flu injection. Influenza vaccinations are free for those over 65…


Advice: Caring for Feet!

Foot hygiene is essential for everyone, especially older people or those with circulatory or diabetic conditions. Care for your family member’s feet (and yours too!) with tips from registered nurse…


Advice: Give Yourself A Break

If you support an older family member, do you know how New Zealand’s respite system works? Do you know what kinds of time out are available? How do you organise…


Advice: Carer Burnout

Often we don’t even recognise the symptoms of burnout. Sometimes family carers become so stressed they lose perspective and do not realise they are no longer coping. Carer burnout is…


Continence: Hand Hygiene

Frequent hand washing is the best way to control infection risks. Continence Advisor Andrea Lord provides helpful tips about hand hygiene! The number one infection control measure you can take…


Help for the Hard of Hearing

Who can help if you think you might be experiencing some level of hearing loss (it’s a problem for 16% of the general population, and 33% of those aged 60…