Information for every step of your caring journey!

Information for every step of your caring journey!


All About Osteoporosis

Contrary to popular belief, osteoporosis is not a disease that only afflicts ‘old ladies’. While it’s true that more than half of women in New Zealand aged 60 years or…


Sleep Better

Do you have difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep? Insomnia is a common concern among people living with a chronic illness, disabilities, and pain, or who are supporting others. There…


Stretch, Focus & Relax, with Anna Filliol

Keeping Safe in the Bathroom.mp3 We hope you enjoy Carers NZ’s Stretch, Focus & Relax series of wellbeing exercises. Watch one, or watch them all! Made by meditation expert Anna Filliol…


Eat for Energy + Strength

Wayne Halkyard is working with Carers NZ to devise special programmes to help carers become stronger and healthier. Click on the Audio tab above to hear Wayne talk about nutrition. Wayne has developed…