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Time for You!

If life is stressful due to health or disability needs, or supporting someone else, self-care is vital, says Louise Inglis.

My days are busy and often stressful, and usually I enjoy exercise alone as an opportunity to think or clear my mind.

While caring for my disabled son has many rewarding moments, it can also be physically demanding, emotionally

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Advice: Give Yourself A Break

DaisyIf you support an older family member, do you know how New Zealand’s respite system works? Do you know what kinds of time out are available? How do you organise a break? 

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Advice: Carer Burnout

RedPhoneOften we don't even recognise the symptoms of burnout. Sometimes family carers become so stressed they lose perspective and do not realise they are no longer coping. Carer burnout is dangerous for you and for your family member.

Being aware of your own needs and wellbeing can help you recognise the signs of burnout.

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Life Coach: Kiwi Heroines!

When Family Care and Carers NZ offered a free hour of life coaching with Richard Blakeborough, he was swamped with requests, mainly from women providing care and support for others. What did he discover in hours of conversations via telephone, email, and Skype?

This is a story about heroes or, to be exact, heroines: everyday New Zealand women who support some of our country’s most vulnerable citizens. Our story begins when Carers NZ and Family Care magazine asked me to coach 50 readers.

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