Carer Support Information

The principle of Carer Support is to provide full time Carers with time to themselves as a break from their full time Carer role. This can mean reimbursement of some of the costs of engaging a support person to care and support a disabled person or purchases which provide the disabled person with self-directed entertainment.

What is Carer Support

Carer Support is a subsidy that helps you take some time out for yourself. It provides reimbursement of some of the costs of care and support for a disabled person while you have a break. Once assessed, your Carer Support allocation will be given to you in a number of days.

Who can get Carer Support

Carer Support is available for ‘full-time Carers’ – as mentioned in the Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People’s website, Who is a Carer, a full time Carer is the person who provides more than 4 hours per day unpaid care to a disabled person, for example, the parent of a disabled child. The number of hours or days that Carer Support is funded for depends on your needs and those of the person you care for. This is assessed by your Needs Assessment Service Coordinator (NASC).

Tips for completing your Carer Support forms 

  • Wherever possible please print clearly or type the information onto your claim form.
  • Make sure that you sign and date the form (this is verification).
  • Ensure that you attach as much information as possible about purchases including receipts or quotes.
  • Please remember to keep all receipts and store them away or save them electronically.
  • You can send your claims via email. Make sure you put in the subject line that this is a “claim”. If you have a question then make sure you send that separately it’s best not to include it with your claim. Put “query”  in the subject line.

Carers NZ notes that you can EMAIL your Carer Support claim forms to csclaims@health.govt.nzinclude the client number in the email subject line. 

Information about Carer Support has been updated by Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People. For full details go here

General info:

Flexibility for Carer Support and Individualised Funding