#CarersCount – Funded Family Care is not a fair deal

#CarersCount – Election 2017

Carers are having their say in the lead-up to the election on 23 September about New Zealand’s need for a joined up respite system, and a better fairer Funded Family Care policy! Here are the comments of Sushila and Royd Butt…

We are the parents of two disabled adults who require 24/7 care. We get paid a minimum wage under Funded Family Care. We live in Kaitaia.  We are disappointed about the stipulation put on us and other family carers under New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act (NZPHDA). It is time the NZPHDA is abolished and the Government and the Ministry of Health treat everybody equally.  They are just targeting disabled people and their families.

Other support workers/caregivers are now entitled to a pay increase but FFC is excluded from this settlement. Recently, outside caregivers have had a pay rise but family carers remain on the minimum wage and this is unjust. We do more and have more experience than the outside caregivers, yet my children’s caregivers are getting $20 an hour whilst we are paid $15.75 under Funded Family Care. Their pay will increase up to $27 per hour, whilst we remain on the minimum wage. We are not allowed to work under Individualized Funding or through another provider to get paid a higher rate.

MoH has dictated to families of disabled people that they get minimum wage only, in spite of the fact we do more than other caregivers, are the most experienced caregivers and deserve a pay rise. They treat us with no respect. We have already challenged MoH but they put this to policy and we feel it is time this policy needs to change because it is discriminating against families who look after their disabled relatives under family status.

Sushila and Royd Butt