#CarersCount – Poverty is a multigenerational issue

#CarersCount – Election 2017

Carers are having their say in the lead-up to the election on 23 September about New Zealand’s need for a joined up respite system, a better fairer Funded Family Care policy and other issues facing carers! Here is┬áLisa’s view on disability and poverty…

The biggest issue of disability is the one no one wants to address… POVERTY! It affects the individual and their family for their whole life. It is the issue that is at the base of all other disability issues. It is especially evident when looking at carer support or respite, sure the disabled person might get alternative care but the rest of the family can’t afford to do anything or go anywhere. Funded family care is a bastardisation formed to offer the barest minimum support, and it has trashed family relationships in the process. This kind of recognition of the work that family members do should NEVER have misplaced families as employees. A type of family benefit payment would have been much more useful and maintained the integrity of the family relationships.

Poverty is a multigenerational issue. Once I die and one of my other children take my place in caring for their brother, poverty will invade their life and the life of their new family as well.

Lisa McEvoy