111: Advice from St John

St John PhotoWhat to do during a 111 call.

1. When the Telecom operator answers, ask to speak to ambulance.

2. When you are connected to the Ambulance Communications Centre, St John will ask a series of questions. First, you’ll be asked for your address. Include a business name (if applicable), apartment/unit name (if applicable), and number.

3. You’ll also be asked for your telephone number. Provide your number and your extension if you are at work.

Then, you’ll be asked exactly what happened.

These questions will not delay the response of an ambulance; they are necessary in order to arrange the correct care for the patient.

The operator will then ask specific questions about the medical emergency, such as: are you with the patient; how old is the patient; is this a male or a female; are they awake; are they breathing.

Once this information has been provided, you will be given immediate first aid instructions to assist the patient.

If needed, the operator will remain on the line to give you further instructions until the ambulance arrives.

During this time you may be asked additional questions to provide the ambulance crew with as much information as possible.


For general medical advice, call the free 24/7 national Healthline, 0800 611 116.

Watch St John’s advice video about 111 here.

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