Avon Hansen-Beadle and The Hibiscus Yukes

Avon Hansen-Beadle and friends get together every week to sing and play the ukelele.

They call themselves The Hibiscus Yukes and they meet at a community centre in Orewa, north of Auckland.

These weekly sessions give the budding musicians the opportunity to learn new skills, make friends and have lots of fun.

Avon has been a carer herself for many years and there are several people in the goup who care for a family member at home.

Enjoy a selection of music from  Hibiscus Yukes:

Friends and Summer

Hibiscus Ukes and Shorecooleles


Avon Hansen-Beadle

About Avon Hansen-Beadle

Avon Hansen manages to combine caring for her husband, John, with working as a music teacher, writing songs for the ukelele, and singing in a quartet.

Avon also sings unaccompanied harmonies with a quartet called Ad Lib.

For more information phone Avon Hansen Beadle email avonhb@xtra.co.nz, or visit her Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/avonhb

Hibiscus Yukes