Care Planning Tools: Important Papers Checklist

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Carers NZ’s Important Papers Checklist is designed for family carers who provide regular or 24 hour support for an elderly, ill, or disabled family member or friend.

If you become ill or die suddenly, having an up to date list of important papers and financial information will ensure uninterrupted care for the person you support.

Complete this list and attach it to a large envelope. Place all your important papers in the envelope (or indicate where they are stored on the checklist). Tell at least one other friend, family member, or your solicitor where it is located in your home.

By having all important papers in one place, organising your affairs will be easier if you become seriously ill or die suddenly, allowing others to quickly step in to help the person you support.

If you do not currently have a Will, Enduring Powers of Attorney for property and welfare, or other emergency plans in place, talk to your solicitor or local trustee service.

Our Care Planning Tools Include this Checklist, an Emergency Care Plan, a Medications Plan, and an Emergency Carer ID Card.

The Tools are free to download and print. Just complete the information, make copies for others who should have them, and update details regularly.

Remember to update your Checklist whenever important details change!