An Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

A free online self-guided programme for becoming a healthier, happier you! 

Stress or mood swings rock everyone’s balance from time to time. However, when too much stress, anxiety, depression, or worry interferes with your health, career or personal relationships, it’s time to make a change.

No matter how difficult things seem, by learning how to harness overwhelming stress and manage your emotions, you can become healthier and happier, and have a more positive effect on those around you.

This program is rooted in social and emotional brain science that engages the emotional brain and heart, as well as the reasoning mind. Its purpose is to teach you how to control troublesome thoughts, manage difficult emotions, have better relationships, and follow through on positive intentions. It will help you become emotionally aware in your daily life, even in situations when you’d normally feel stressed or overwhelmed.

It’s designed to actually change your brain and provide you with an internal, decision-making compass that you can rely on … even when you can’t think clearly. Check it out here.