Grief + Loss Resources from Skylight

Skylight is a charitable trust that offers a wide range of services including counselling to support those facing tough times of change, loss, trauma and grief, whatever the cause, and whatever their age.

The organisation also equips, trains and supports those wanting to assist them, such as friends, carers, and family members, community volunteers, and professionals.

Visit Skylight’s website to learn about its Resource and Information Centre, which will tailor support information for specific situations and post a pack to you anywhere in New Zealand (a donation is requested to help skylight cover the costs of this unique service).

Support resources and publications available for loan from Skylight include books, DVDs, and games. Skylight’s online shop also sells helpful grief and loss support resources.

We like Skylight’s About Grief page, which clicks through to free, helpful factsheets:

  • When You’re Grieving
  • What is Grief Anyway?
  • Grief is Like … ?
  • When Men Grieve
  • Writing Your Way Through – Keeping a Journal Through Tough Times
  • Coping with Holidays and Special Days