Iain Gordon’s Music for Carers

Iain Gordon, accomplished musician, composer and producer, has created a special piece of music for you, the carers of New Zealand and your families, whanau and supporters.

Listen to Iain’s catchy tune Music for Carers by Iain Gordon. You will also hear the music at the beginning and end of videos in our online learning videos.

Iain, also known as the keyboard player with well-known New Zealand band Fat Freddy’s Drop, knows a great deal about caring within his own extended family. Iain’s two sisters, Jane and Irini, have intellectual and physical impairments. Both love music and have, says Iain, been a major influence in his career. Jane plays the drums and is an accomplished musician in her own right.

Happy, Bouncy and Thought-Provoking

Iain describes the music he wrote for Carers NZ as ‘happy, bouncy and thought-provoking’.

Listen to Wandering Eye, a sample of Fat Freddy’s music; Iain plays the keyboard.

Iain Gordon with Jane and Irini